Monday, April 4, 2011

Trending Now - Men's Hairstyles: 2011

At the request of one of our followers, check out 2011's top trends in men's hair cuts (as seen on


To achieve this look, work in a small dab of wax through the front of your hair, using your fingers to create a piecey effect. (Seen here on Ryan Gosling and James Franco).


Front Wave:

To achieve this look, you'll need medium-length hair. While your hair is wet, work in a small amount of mousse. Blow dry on medium setting and use your fingers to coax the front of your hair upward and slightly over to one side. Finish by combing the hair on either side of your head backward. (Seen here on Mark Wahlberg and Andrew Garfield).

Straight Up:

To achieve this look, you'll need thicker hair. Work a squirt of mousse through your hair when damp, use a brush/hand and a blow-dryer on low to push the hair in a vertical position. Use a brush or comb to slick back the sides of your hair, then spray a thin layer of hairspray over your entire head. (Seen here on Vincent Cassel and Ewan McGregor).

Long and Natural:

To achieve this look, you'll need long hair. Part your hair down the middle and comb a minute amount of pomade through the front sections of your hair to keep everything smooth. (Seen here on David Beckham and Christian Bale).

Curly and Brushed Forward:

To achieve this look, you'll need curly hair. What's great about this look is that all you need is a little gel, to help control your hair, and a brush. This style will let you get out the door in five minutes, so it's ideal for guys with a busy schedule. (Seen here on Jesse Eisenberg and Adrian Grenier). 

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