Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dresses of the Royal Wedding...

Just in case you haven't been watching TV or browsing the internet lately, here are the beautiful dresses worn by Kate and her sister Pippa at the Royal Wedding...enjoy!

Check out...Kitty Baby Love

Take a look at these adorable crayons, made perfectly for child's small hand. Kitty Baby Love -- designed by a Portland, Oregon couple and named after their unborn son and kitties, are made by hand, support the local economy of Portland, and promote creative growth and family bonds. And, Kitty Egg Crayons are the perfect introduction to color for small toddler hands. Check out their website here for more information on Kitty Baby Love crayons as well as their other great products!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wanna Keep Your Teeth Whiter? Try Fresh Vegetables!

Keep Your Teeth Dazzling

Another reason to frequent the local farmers' market: Fresh vegetables are good for your smile. "The ones that really crunch when you bite into them, like celery, carrots, and string beans, can literally help scrub stains from your teeth," says Jeff Golub-Evans, DDS. They're most effective on recent discoloration, though. So chase a glass of red wine with a couple of carrot sticks, and you may save yourself the hassle of whitening strips later. 

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Article found on Oprah's website

Finding the Right Shade of Blush...

Okay ladies, we've all been there...boughten a shade of blush, applied to our cheeks and said "Wow this shade definitely isn't going to work!" Here are some tips based on your skin tone:

If your skin is fair, pastels (like baby pinks and peaches) work best.

If you have an olive complexion, try fuchsia and orangey tones. 

If your skin is dark, choose a coppery or golden shade

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unique Mother's Day Gifts...

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so why not surprise mom with something unique? Here are some of our top picks courtesy of Real Simple Magazine!

1. Clothbound Book Jacket $20
Penguin Clothbound Classics

2.  Personalized Folded Greeting Cards $28 for 12 cards
Erin Condren Personalized Folded Greeting Cards
3. Silk Bedside Caddy $68
Cambria Cove Silk Bedside Caddy

4. Mix Spoon Set $24 for 5
Miix Spoon Set

5. Custom Yoga Mat $85
Yogamatic Custom Yoga Mat
6. Owl Watering Can $58
Anthropologie Owl Watering Can

7. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera $100
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

8. Sweet Rose Tote $190
Amy Butler Design Sweet Rose Tote

9. Vega Hand Tools $58
Vega Hand Tools

10. Customizable Tray $129
Erin Condren Customizable Tray

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mistakes you're making with your skin (that you might not know about.)

We all want beautiful skin, right?  Check out these educational tips for great skin! (Brought to you by Shine from Yahoo!)

Check out the article here!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Check out these 8 crazy beds for some inspiration....

Need some new ideas on how to decorate your kid's rooms?  Or how about your own bed...or even your pets?  Check out these 8 amazing beds for some inspiration (source: Shine from Yahoo!).

See the hamburger bed and 7 other amazing beds here!

And a few more of our favorite beds, not listed above, can be seen below!

Extra $$$ in Your Wallet

If you are need of saving a little extra money these days, be sure to checkout the website
This website offers coupons varying from $1.00 off of a package of Bagel Bites to $2.00 off of a Reach Toothbrush etc. etc.  With coupons in a wide range of categories (Restaurants to Office Supplies to Health Care) this website is worth visiting!

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Chic, Inexpensive Artwork...

Looking for an affordable way to dress up a blank wall in your house?  Many designers are now making a statement by placing empty, colorful picture frames on walls.  In you are looking to ensure a well collected look, you can shop at garage sales and thrift stores to gather an assortment of frames varying in size , style and shape.  Remove any previous artwork or photos and paint the frames in bold colors or neutrals to compliment the room.  Check out this example from HGTV's website:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

20+ Candy-free Easter Basket Ideas...

Right in time for the holiday, check out these 20 candy-free Easter basket ideas your kids will be sure to love (brought to you by!

Check out the ideas here as well as some of our favorite ideas for the kids (and adults) in your life, from Bath and Body Works, below!

 $5 NEW Scent Stackers from Bath and Body Works

 2 oz. Body Lotion, Into the Wild, now $1.00

Buy 3, Get 3 Free: Spring Top Picks

Friday, April 22, 2011

Check out these great GREEN beauty products...

Fashion and beauty brands are trying to "go green" more and more these days, coming out with eco-friendly products that claim to work just as well as the ones we've been using for years.  The question they really work?  Check out the green products below, which have been tested and claim to work just as well as their less planet-friendly counterparts. (Seen on

Raw Makeup: Created by Gisele B√ľndchen's makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, the RMS cream makeup line (it includes everything from foundation to lip stains) contains unprocessed, raw, food-grade organic ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter.
With an ingredient list that reads like a green juice cleanse—brussels sprouts! kale! asparagus!—Dr. Alkaitis's veggie mask aims to soothe dry and irritated skin.

This wood-grain printed low-EMF dryer by Paul Mitchell uses 25 percent less energy while providing the same power as an 1875-watt dryer.

This fluoride-free toothpaste by Dentisse combines breath-freshening peppermint oil with two types of clay—kaolin and bentonite—to gently remove surface stains.
Say goodbye to stinky nail polishes and noxious removers. Sula's water-based lacquer lasts three to five days and can be peeled off as soon as it starts to chip. The formula also contains strengthening nutrients like provitamin B5, previously found only in hair products.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A "Hands on" Approach to Going Green

Now going green is as easy as drying your hands! This best-selling PeopleTowel is a great way to start the newest eco-habit: B.Y.O.Towel. PeopleTowels are reusable personal hand towels; an on-the go alternative to paper towels and air dryers. Made from 100% organic, Fair trade cotton, the custom-made fabric is absorbent, 
yet dries quickly.

According to People Towel's website:

The Current Situation
The use of disposable paper towels has a huge impact on the environment by contributing to deforestation, water pollution and global warming. Some of the facts about paper towel consumption and the environmental impact are:
  • 20,000 gallons of water are polluted and 24 trees are consumed to make one ton of paper towels - all for a single use and thrown away.
  • Every day, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in the U.S., alone.
  • Paper towels, decomposing in landfills, emit powerful greenhouse gases. 
  • Paper is the largest contributor to municipal landfill waste in 2006.
  • The average person uses 2,400 - 3,000 paper towels outside the home each year

Check out their site below for more info!

Great Buy of the Day!

Looking to dress up a plain outfit? Well we have the perfect necklace for you! This Silver Discs Tie Necklace is ultra chic and provides a modern look. Ann Taylor Loft is currently have a major spring sale providing an extra 40 % off upon checkout, bringing the price of the this necklace below $20!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Want sleek, toned arms just in time for summer?

If so, check out the article below, featured on Yahoo! health, which offers four great exercising techniques that should have those arms looking great in no time at all. There's no better accessory to add to a tank top or halter dress than a great pair of toned arms!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makeup Artist Ramy Gafni’s Raffle: Fight Cancer and Feel Beautiful

Ramy Gafni Beauty Raffle for Cancer

"Makeup artist and skincare expert to the stars Ramy Gafni conquered cancer. Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1997, he worked full-time while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, until he was let go from his job, a boss telling him, “You’re not the pretty boy we hired.” But that didn’t stop him. Gafni — whose mom, Rachel, successfully battled Hodgkin’s, breast cancer and lymphoma — went on to launch his own company, and since, he’s appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, E! and more. To celebrate his success and survival, Gafni is hosting a ‘beauty lottery’ to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Purchase a $50 raffle ticket on for a chance to win Gafni’s entire line of cosmetics, valued at $1400. The deadline to grab tickets is May 21; a winner will be announced May 22." -- as seen on

For all the guys out there, check this out...

Did you ever wonder what women think of your look?  From baseball caps, to earrings, to blue tooth ear clips, and sports jersey's, check out this article below to see what the ladies say about men's fashion.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trend Alert...Nail Polish Pens!!

Tired of using the same old method to paint your nails each week? Then check out this new method! The nail polish pen is easy to use and similar to a marker. It saves you some extra time and hassle. Priced at $15, these pens are available in a variety of colors at

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Friday, April 15, 2011

A New Use For Seat Belts!!!

Thought that the only place where you could find a seat belt was in you car? Think again! Many fashionable accessories (including purses, clutches, key chains, iPad cases, bows, head bands etc. etc.) are now being made out of you average seat belt! Check out some of our favorite accessories and click the link below to navigate to the store's webpage!
Strap Pad  iPad Case-Out of StockConvertible Tote Silverscreen

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Must have Spring Dresses & Accessories!!!

Pair these pretty pastel dresses with a floral tote, wide brimmed hat, and rugged brown belt!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Check out this website for some great deals...

The destination for a life of style
Who they are:

"Rue La La is an exciting new division of Retail Convergence, Inc., a portfolio of e-commerce companies leveraging a common technology platform, customer database, and management team to revolutionize online shopping."

Check their website out below for deals and ideas ranging from women, to men, to home, travel, kids, and experiences. They even have local picks, for stylish things to do, eat, and see in your area.

*Note: Rue La La is an invite only exclusive, online private sale boutique.  If you are interested in signing up, feel free to contact us at, for an invite. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Trend Alert...Colored Bags!

Get in style this season with a colored bag!  Trendiest colors: coral, mustard, indigo, and mint, are all must haves this season!  Why you say? Because these colors are easy on the eye and totally breezy!  Check out some great bags below (priced high to low):
Louis Vuitton, $4000
Kate Spade, $345
Coach, $298
Long Champ, $145

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Favorite Makeup Alert!

Want make-up that will give you that beautiful 100% natural, no-makeup look and feel, day after day. Check out our favorite makeup, Bare Minerals mineral makeup, to discover your bare-skin beauty. If you are new to Bare Minerals, we recommend getting the best value get started kit, available for $59.98, which comes with three brushes in varying sizes, two foundations, a bronzer, a finishing powder, a brush cleaner, and a how-to-use DVD.  Check out the Bare Escentuals website here for more info on how to purchase Bare Minerals!

10 Style Tips for men, from a woman...

Check out these style tips for men, listed on  We agree with them (for the most part), although facial hair on men can look good, depending on the man and his mate's preference. And as long as the jeans look good, they don't necessarily need to be designer.

Have confidence.
We don't care if you are wearing a fig leaf. If you have confidence (and maybe don a pair of sunglasses) you can pull it off.

Smell good.
Don't overdo it. But a nice subtle scent will take you a long way. A good friend of mine just wears Old Spice Deodorant (don't laugh, he gets tons of compliments on the way he smells)- it's not over the top and most women connect with a classic.

It's in the shoes.
There are two types of shoes. Classic and Trendy. It doesn't matter which one you choose, but if you are into the classics you get what you pay for. A classic shoe should last you your entire life, so invest in something well known and well made. If trendy is your thing, you don't necessarily need to break the bank. These shoes should take you through 3 seasons at the most, so keep this in mind while you shop.

Hair (we are talking the kind on top of your head).
If you don't have it, shear it off – period. There is a real feeling of freedom that comes with a closely groomed head. If you do, then go to a good stylist. Your hair is the one accessory you need to wear every day. It's worth a great cut.

Don't be afraid of color, it livens things up.
Perhaps your favorite color is blue? I'm sure it looks good on you… but if everything you own is blue – it's boring. Try to shake it up. White, Brown, Grey, Pink and orange are all good alternatives.

Own at least one pair of Designer jeans.
Yes. They have really gone up in cost over the last couple of years but they really make an outfit. They should be comfortable with just the right amount of room. The pockets should make your ass look hot (and these days, those designers are genius when it comes to that) + the length should be just long enough so that there is about 1/2 inch from the bottom of your shoe. If the place you buy them at doesn't hem and you need them to be, make sure you get it done professionally.

Men's accessories are really taking off. Maybe you have noticed at your favorite menswear haunt – the amount of accessories available have almost tripled in recent years. Perhaps it's a flash of color at your wrist (wearing style on your sleeve is so debonair) or a fantastic bag. Style is the ability to put an outfit together that shows your personality. Accessories can really help you with that.

Try Custom.
You can waste a lot of money buying shirts, suits and pants that don't quite fit you properly. It doesn't do it to 'sort of' like something. When you put something on it should give you confidence because you know if accentuates the good things and camouflages the others. It should make you feel like a million bucks, this is what custom does.

A stellar wardrobe should be full of custom and classic pieces. You can then update with a couple of trendy pieces here and there. This might cost you initially, but think of it like building your dream house, you need to start with a great foundation because once you have that, everything else will sit properly.

A clean shaven face = more action. Have you ever tried making out with a hairbrush? Think about it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Trench Coats are in!!!

Trench coats continue to be as popular as ever this Spring.  Known for being both functional and stylish, they are appearing on many celebrities in various shapes, styles and colors.  Check out of few our favorites below!
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Kim Kardashian in a tan trench

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Old Navy, $49.50

Gap, $88.99

Forever 21, $32.80