Monday, April 4, 2011

20 Ways to Save Time in the Morning:

Got five minutes? Want to look your best? Here are 20 ways to cheat your normal beauty routine (seen here on Shine from Yahoo! by

1. If your skin is looking a little pale, dip a towel in hot water, wring it out and apply it to your face for a couple of minutes. It encourages blood flow and will also give you a healthy and rosy complexion.

2. You don't need to apply foundation all over your face. Use it only where it's needed to even out skin tone or cover discoloration. Start on your nose, forehead and cheeks, and work outwards. Most people need less coverage on the outer edges of their faces.

3. Add a small amount of self-tanner to your body lotion. It cuts out a step and you'll have naturally bronzed skin in no time.

4. A light cream blush can do double duty as an eyeshadow and lip color. Using your fingers, just dab a little of it on and smear to blend.

5. Upgrade your hairdryer. Look for one with ionic technology that promises to dry your hair up to 50 per cent faster than regular dryers.

6. If you just don't have any time for make-up, splash some cold water on your face. It tightens pores and instantly perks up your complexion.

7. Find a moisturizer that also has an SPF of at least 15. That means one less thing - sun screen - to apply in the morning.

8. Make sure you spare five minutes during the week to use a conditioning hair mask. Well conditioned hair is less prone to frizziness and much easier to style, so you'll save valuable minutes every day trying to tame an unruly mane.

9. For quick eye make-up, skip the shadow. Apply a light-colored eyeliner in a thick line across your lash line, then smudge the liner upwards until it blends. A light brown or copper pencil gives the best result. If you're brave try a blue or green pencil.
10. Don't blow on nail polish when you need it to dry in a hurry. Give partially dried nails a spritz with cooking spray to set polish.

11. Save time on styling your hair by only worrying about your bangs. Pull the rest of your hair into a headband, or tie it up in a ponytail or bun and let it dry naturally.

12. Eyelash curlers are fine if you have the time. Otherwise, press your eyelashes up with your index finger instead and hold for five seconds. The heat from your finger will encourage the lashes to stay put. Easy.

13. Fake tan disaster? Don't panic. Instead of scrubbing vigorously with an exfoliator in the shower, dip a cotton ball in 100 per cent lemon juice and swipe it over the streaky areas. It works as a natural exfoliator and will get rid of the marks much quicker than you can in the shower.

14. Match your foundation and concealer shades as close to your natural skin color as possible. This eliminates a lot of time- consuming blending.
15. If you like to straighten your hair, try to do it the night before. Add some polish to your locks first thing in the morning by applying a small amount of serum to smooth fly-aways and you're good to go.

16. Keep nails in top shape by lavishing cuticle oil all over them every day. It will only add a couple of seconds to your beauty routine in the morning but it will mean you need manicures less often because your nails will be less prone to breaking.Leave a bottle on your desk at work and do it when you're on the phone.

17. Using a curling iron? Forget it. Try a roller set instead. Put in a few rollers and take your shower, but don't get your hair wet and let the steam set it for you.

18. When washing your hair isn't an option, get rid of excess oil at the roots by spraying on a dry shampoo. Another idea is to use a large powder brush to dab and blend sheer powder directly to your roots.

19. Use baby wipes to clean your face if you're in a rush. Also freshen up under your arms or to remove make-up.

20. Use a moisturizing body wash instead of a regular one and you won't need to bother with body lotion.


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  2. I'd like to see a guy version of this.

  3. Some of these tips can be used by guys as well such as #1, 6, 18, an 19. We'll be on the look out for more ways to save time in the morning, directed towards guys. But the most important thing for guys is to always make sure you're clean, fresh faced, and smelling nice, then you are ready to go!