Friday, May 27, 2011

Shopping For Summer On A Budget

Looking to add some new pieces to your summer wardrobe but don't feel like spending a fortune? The editors at In Style magazine have found some great pieces that are very affordable!

1. Nylon Spandex Bikini ($19) Forever 21
Nylon-Spandex Bikini, $19

2. Silk Tunic with Crochet Detail ($37) Target
Silk Tunic With Crochet Detail, $37

3. Cotton Wedges ($40) Lands End
Cotton and Jute Wedges, $40

4. Print Dress ($30) H & M
Print Dress, [DOLLAR]30

5.  Straw Hat ($28) Roxy
Straw Hat, [DOLLAR]28
6. Sandals ($22) JCPenney
Sandals, [DOLLAR]22

7. Pendant Necklace ($30) topshop
Pendant, [DOLLAR]30

8. Gold Sandal ($16) charlotterusse
Gold Sandals, [DOLLAR]16

9. Cotton Vest ($40) American Eagle
Cotton Vest, [DOLLAR]40
10. Faux Leather Belt ($13) Old Navy
Faux Leather Belt, [DOLLAR]13

11. Straw & Cotton Fedora ($13) Target
Straw and Cotton Fedora, [DOLLAR]13

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