Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get A Flatter Stomach by Tonight?!

This article from Allure magazine claims to have some easy, all natural ways to reduce the appearance of a bloated stomach. Take a look at some of their suggestions:

  • Reduce your sodium intake. That means steering clear of processed foods, especially canned soups and frozen dinners. Some people also swell from wheat or dairy products, so avoid those too. (It's just one day. And it's a really good dress, right?)

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water, which can help flush out excess fluids.
  • Avoid foods labeled "low-carb" that use sugar alcohols as sweeteners—these can cause stomach bloating. (Look for "-ol" endings on ingredients, such as sorbitol.) And it's not just food; even many "sugar-free" breath mints contain the culprits.

  • When you're not having water, drink tea. The moderate amount of caffeine acts as a natural diuretic, and won't give you the jitters that a grande coffee will. (Under no circumstances should you take diuretic pills—they can cause weakness, fatigue, heart irregularities, and fainting spells...not exactly an ideal 

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