Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Sandals for Men...

So the question is: What sandals should men wear for summer that won't look dorky or "too old"?  Check out some suggestions below for some acceptable men's summer footwear...

The Classic Birkenstock:
"Made in German, tradition since 1774" -- we say, you can't go wrong with these.  Check out their website: for more info.  To pricey for you?  Many stores sell cheaper, knock off Birkenstocks, also acceptable.

The Flip-flop:
Yes, these are acceptable, but not for everyone. Check out some cool styles below, available at

The Cross Over:
An acceptable alternative to the flip flip, but possibly more comfortable for some; check out a great pair of Reef cross-overs, available at A great leather pair of cross-overs would also be acceptable.


A Quality Pair of Leather Sandals:
You can't go wrong with a sturdy, comfortable pair of well made leather sandals.  Check out these Fossil pairs, available at:

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