Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best Pillow 2011...

While this item may not seem style-worthy, staying healthy keeps you fresh faced and looking your best.  Good Housekeeping magazine just released it's best pillow March 2011 edition and the winner is...Aller-Ease Washable Allergy Protection pillow. "These pillows offer superior allergen filtration plus the comfort of breathable cotton and hypoallergenic fill. The Aller-Ease pillow provides complete protection all night long by filtering dust mite allergens and pollen that can trigger allergy and asthma symtoms. Plus, the luxurious cotton fabric cover provides a soft, quiet and cool night's sleep." These pillows are already sold out on the Aller-Ease website, but are available at Walmart for a steal at $16 for a set of two (compared to $11+ for one pillow at other retailers).  They are also available in three sizes: standard, queen, and king!

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